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WELL Network

Building Alliances, Building Clout

WELL Network, was founded in 2003 by professional women concerned about the state of the environment and its implications for California’s health and economy. WELL Network brings together experts, sponsors symposia, and publishes information on topics related to health and the environment. Its lead campaign promotes green planning—a systems approach to sustainability. The goal is to have a Green Plan in California.

Susan Ives Communications advised WELL Network on the Fort Baker Leadership Summits,  where fifty leaders from across sectors collaborated on the challenges to sustainability in California. The group’s recommendations were published as “Re-Imagining California, A Sustainable Future for the Golden State.” The report, targeted to elected officials, is the centerpiece of a strategy that includes op-eds, a sustainability council of influential business leaders, and workshops to build support among community leaders and foundations. Our team wrote and produced the report, and developed a communications plan, talking points, Web site, and online outreach.

One outcome of the Fort Baker Leadership Summits, is an expanded network and influence. WELL Network is recognized as a resource by policy makers. “Re-Imagining California” is the basis for meetings with state legislators, and WELL Network is advising the Administration on a set of “sustainability indicators” for reducing greenhouse gases. WELL Network’s growing list of partners includes think tanks, community foundations, businesses, conservation and environmental justice organizations, and university programs.




"Susan Ives has instincts you can trust and the expertise to move an idea in the world. She asks the core questions, she's strategic, and keeps her eye on the prize. It has been a pleasure working with Susan to launch a California nonprofit dedicated to sustainability and health.

Peggy Lauer, Executive Director
WELL Network






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