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"Susan Ives understands the big picture, which she defines with wonderful and liberating clarity; she is equally cogent on the practical means for achieving that vision. Whether the question is "how do we position ourselves for the next few years" or "how do we phrase this to appeal to funders," I have turned to her for advice and never been less than enlightened by what she's provided. We've grown tremendously, not only in size but in strength and focus, and we owe much of this to Susan's experience and guidance."

Malcolm Margolin, Publisher, Heyday Books

“Susan Ives has a knack for distilling complex issues down to their essence and conveying a clear, concise message. Her work had a huge impact on helping the public understand the importance of the Bohemian Club logging issue, particularly in light of the opponents’ concerted PR campaign.”

John Hooper, Campaign Coordinator
Save Bohemian Grove

“Susan has been a key player in the Bay Area environmental advocacy and conservation scene for a very long time. She knows all the issues, and she knows all the people, and she's a very effective communicator bringing messages to the general public as well as more specialized audiences. She's been a great asset to our campaigns.”

John A. Knox, President, Earth Island Institute

“When you are trying to introduce a new concept, like “encore careers” into social discourse, understanding success is neither straightforward nor intuitive. Susan Ives, working partnership with David Brodwin, and associates, provided a media frame analysis and one-on-one interviews with reporters and producers, which helped Civic Ventures quantify how far we had come, how the landscape was shifting, and what we still needed to do. It was a pleasure to work with Susan. Her insight and creativity in conceptualizing and executing the project were more than we could have hoped for.”

Jim Emerman, Executive Vice President
Civic Ventures


"I’ve worked closely with Susan Ives for many years. She understands the challenges of land conservation and is able to translate them into persuasive campaigns that get attention, raise money, and save land.  She has been instrumental in Sonoma Land Trust developing a strong identity and becoming better known. She’s an essential partner to any nonprofit, particularly those dedicated to protecting wildlife, parks, and public lands."

Ralph Benson, Executive Director
Sonoma Land Trust

 “I've known Susan for a number of years personally and professionally and have always been extremely impressed with the consistently high quality of her work, her creativity and her depth of knowledge. Susan is a delight and I recommend her without qualifications.”

Cynthia Koehler, Board of Directors
Marin Municipal Water District

"I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for a job very well done. I know you and your team have worked very hard and under pressure to complete these important projects for the District. So please pass on our staff's thanks for their great work. It's an amazing feeling to have collateral materials that you feel proud to distribute and that really reflect the mission of the organization. Thank you again."

Andrea Mackenzie, General Manager, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District

"Thanks for the excellent job you did on our communications plan. You really captured what we needed and made very good recommendations. I always enjoyed our meetings—they were interesting, productive and fun. I am pleased with the end product and one of the things I like best about the plan is that it feels manageable. We will not be able to do everything, but we will be able to implement many recommendations, and I believe they will result in achieving our goal. Thank you so much for your good work on this project."

Sharon L. Gish, President and CEO, YMCA,
Central Coast


"Ms. Ives is a trusted advisor with an astute ability for framing complex ideas and communicating them effectively. At the same time, she's a master of detail, and that makes her campaigns and events memorable."

Huey D. Johnson, Former California Secretary of Resources; President, Resource Renewal Institute

"Susan is an essential ally to business leaders whose goals and values aspire to both financial and social outcomes. She is a skillful collaborator and communicator, who knows how to bring new ideas to the marketplace."

Elliot Hoffman, CEO, New Voice of Business


"Witty, intelligent, and passionate about communicating progressive values, Susan has been a trusted advisor over the past fifteen years. During my tenure as Secretary of Environmental Affairs for the Commonwealth, I was struck by how quickly she understood environmental policy and the politic, and was able to build support among diverse stakeholders. Largely because of Susan, the Massachusetts Environmental Trust is a national model for funding environmental restoration."

James Hoyte, Former Massachusetts Secretary for Environmental Affairs; Vice President, Harvard University

"Susan served as the Trust for Public Land’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications. I found her to be the best in the conservation community nationwide. She matches the highest integrity with initiative and media savvy. In creating and running our national communications, she helped open new markets and attract new donors. She aims high and gets results."

Martin J. Rosen, President, The Trust for
Public Land


"Susan brings a wonderful combination of experience and enthusiasm to her work. She used new media tools and good old-fashioned persistence to deliver our best and most diverse media coverage yet.

Mikhail Davis, Director, Brower Youth Awards

"Susan Ives has instincts you can trust and the expertise to move an idea in the world. She asks the core questions, she's strategic, and keeps her eye on the prize. It has been a pleasure working with Susan to launch a California nonprofit dedicated to sustainability and health.

Peggy Lauer, Executive Director
WELL Network

Thank you for your diligence, patience, and professionalism in producing this excellent booklet for the National Park Service.  The project had many more complication than we could have predicted, but you stayed with us through all of them. The result is something that will help people understand why the Golden Gate National Parks have such tremendous success mobilizing community support for park programs and projects. Your own passion for parks and open space came through in the profiles.  They are very friendly and filled with wonderful descriptions of the things that cause people to support these treasured areas.

Howard Levitt, National Park Service Chief
Division of Interpretation and Education

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