Believing out loud–The Op Ed Project

I have a standard excuse for postponing something I want for myself but don’t think I can have. “When I win the lottery…” Maybe you use it, too?

In fact, my chances of ever winning the lottery would be at least slightly improved were I to buy a lottery ticket. The same logic applies to getting my opinions published. My chances would be better if I were to submit articles for publication.

Enter Katie Ornstein, author, teacher, commentator, and founder of the Op-Ed Project. Katie has published op-eds in the New York Times, Washington Post and other leading media. She figured out that the reason relatively few women get our opinions published is because so few of us ever try. The Op Ed Project is about why we don’t and why it matters.

Katie calls the Op-Ed Project a “strategy for change.” Its goal is to expand the range of voices we hear through the media.

Women need to think bigger about ourselves Katie argues. Whether making our case to the media, potential funders, or in the halls of Congress, it’s not just what we write about or what we believe, it’s about believing in ourselves and that our opinions matter.

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